Waxperts is our wax of choice and we are thrilled to offer this award-winning brand at Stripes Beauty.  Hot wax is used on the face, underarm and bikini and is especially suited for those with sensitive skin. Hot wax grips even the shortest waxed hair with fewer breakages or ingrowing hairs. It is a less painful waxing method and gives a great finish. We use Waxperts lavender-based strip wax for less sensitive areas for a fast, thorough service.


Full leg £25                                                     Eyebrow shape £10                                 

Half leg £15                                                     Lip £7

Full leg and bikini £35                                     Chin £7

Underarm £10                                                 Lip and chin £10

Arm £15                                                          Chest or back £25




Bikini             (waxed up to bikini line)                                               £15

In-betweeny (high bikini – a bit more than a bikini)                           £20

Brazilian          (Triangle or strip of hair left)                                       £30     

Hollywood      (totally bare, all hair removed)                                     £30