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NEW BRAND - Sundry

We've just unpacked our first delivery from US brand Sundry which is new to Stripes this season. Designed in California and curated by French founder Matthieu Leblan, it's the perfect fusion of French chic and laid back Californian style.  Sundry clothes are optimistically sunny with their slogans and washed out prints on t-shirts, shirts and sweatshirts and the brand is famous for matching yoga/lounge suits so we will be bringing those to the store soon. Claire and I were really impressed with the fabrics in the collection, they're beautifully soft and bring a bit of luxury to our casual wardrobes.

Sundry Stars Oversized ShirtMain image

Sundry Destinations Vintage Tee

Below is the info from their website about the brand and its history.  Hope you all like it!  xJen

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